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Playing for Success (PfS) is a former British government education initiative which offered education provision located at Football clubs and other sporting centres. The aims of PfS were to build the confidence and motivation of all students by offering them learning opportunities which enabled them to improve their achievement in a sporting environment. There were more than 160 Playing for Success centres in England at professional sports clubs (including all Premier League Soccer clubs, all 92 soccer teams, all professional Rugby teams as well as 18 sports in total) with over 500,000 students having attended lessons at Playing for Success globally with PfS centres in the UK, Holland, Belgium and Japan. Watch the video to find out more!

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 “Playing for Success has been an extraordinary success. Fifteen years after the idea of involving leading football clubs in motivating school pupils was born, literally hundreds of leading sports organisations around Britain as well as a number abroad – have become part of a movement which has benefitted hundreds of thousands of young people over the years. The learning benefits are proven and measurable – but there are also less measurable outcomes; inspiration, community cohesion and sheer joy. The success is due to collaboration between the clubs, the schools, the local authorities and central government. Above all, it is a result of the excellence of the staff who have worked in the centres, created the opportunities, established the relationships with schools and inspired the children”. 


Sir Michael Barber, Chief Education Officer of PEARSON EDUCATION, the largest Education provider in the world.


message from the British Council

“The British Council supports "Playing for Success," which allows many children in Japan to enjoy learning English through sports, and hopes that their activities will lead to the realization of big dreams in the future.” 


British Council, Tokyo


Manchester United FC

message from Sir Alex Ferguson

"The Playing for Success initiative at Old Trafford is a brilliant idea. Encouraging young people from local schools and the community to be more enthusiastic about their learning is a goal that Manchester United will always support.”

Sir Alex Ferguson,
Manchester United FC

Arsenal Football Club

“Arsenal is very proud of our community programme and it is important that we continue to contribute towards the success of Arsenal Playing for Success, which is a fantastic initiative. The Arsenal Playing for Success Centre gives children the opportunity to be educated in an Arsenal environment, which gives them all a great experience."

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal Football Club

English Football Association

“Playing for Success is at the heart of football’s work in improving educational standards. Moreover, it highlights that football can be used as a motivational force to make a real difference in raising skills.”


Sir Dave Richards,

Former Chairman of the English Football Association


message from Eiken

“Eiken supports ‘Playing for Success’ and we hope that children will succeed globally with broad viewpoints gained from studying English through these exciting programs.” 



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