The Future Players English and FUTURE GAME Soccer Coaching Program = The ABC's of learning!


Just as we need to learn the ABCs of English to communicate, we also need to learn the Physical ABCs - A(agility), B(balance), & C(co-ordination) - to maintain a physically active life. At Future Players, we offer a multi-skills approach focussing on the Four Corners of Development, using communication and teamwork activities, all in English, to enable children to develop the fundamentals of movement, such as starting position, body shape, timing, reaction, decision making and problem solving.


We call these skills the FUNdamentals of movement, and the Future Players English and Soccer program integrates these FUNdamentals in a FUN environment, using English immersion with Japanese language support to build social English skills in all children. By learning English in this physical environment using soccer, children can develop their English ability and communication skills as well as the physical ABCs and develop soccer skills at the same time! Our curriculum is built around two of England’s main soccer and English Language education programs


The ABCs of English Teaching

In the Future Players Program here in Japan, our focus is not on teaching young children English lessons in a classroom environment as this approach is limited in terms of what children can learn in a short amount of time. Our goal is to give all children a complete ‘English’ experience in a sporting environment both culturally and linguistically. All staff who teach our classes are first language English speakers from England and this enables all of the children to immerse themselves in a full ‘English speaking environment.’ From the moment children start the lesson to the moment they leave, all players will be spoken to in English and helped to use as much English as possible. Our lessons will focus on ‘social English’ at all times and all children will be spoken to firstly in English so that they can listen to all instructions, explanations and can hopefully try to understand what they hear and then try and answer the staff in English whenever possible!


All of the coaches are experienced coaches from England who have been trained in the Future Game methodology. Similarly, our teaching team are from England and have many years’ experience teaching children from Elementary to University age in both the UK and Japan. Most of our foreign staff can also speak Japanese so they can also support children when needed to ensure instructions from the coaches are explained clearly in both English and Japanese.


It is very important to us at Future Players that all children, regardless of age or English ability, feel that they have gained a valuable English and soccer learning experience during our lessons. In order to achieve this, our English learning goals during the lessons are very clear:


  • To encourage all children to try and communicate in English as often as possible;

  • To improve the confidence of children when speaking to the foreign staff so that they are no longer ‘shy’ or ‘embarrassed’ to speak in English;

  • To encourage children to not be afraid to make mistakes when using English and to understand that making mistakes is all part of learning a new language;

  • To provide a full immersion experience for children so that the ‘culture’ of the lessons is international and English being used is seen as ‘normal’. 

  • To motivate children to want to learn English when study it at school;

  • To encourage children to see sport as a global language where they can use English to interact with people from many different countries.


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The ABCs of SOCCER coaching

Developing Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) at a young age underpins each child’s ability to participate in sport with real confidence. Accelerating their development unlocks each child’s real potential. Developing Fundamental Movement Skills gives children the best possible chance to develop physically and play football / sport at the highest level.


All of our soccer coaching activities will be taken from the Future Game soccer program and will be FUN and will make children smile whilst they learn, which is the most important thing for creating the best learning environment for all children.


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